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To ensure the community has access to a wide range of care options, SmileWorks Dental provides access to highly qualified dentists, hygienists and oral health therapists who can service all your needs under one roof.

Dr Ayesha Aijaz

Ayesha Aijaz is SmileWorks’ Director and Founder, and a member of the international association of orthodontics.

Dr Shammi Moopen

Shammi Moopen graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Dr Areej Abu Sabha

Areej Abu Sabha has been providing quality dental care for close to two decades since graduating from Melbourne University.

Dr Akansha Kumar

Akansha Kumar grew up in Auckland, New Zealand before relocating to Australia where she earned her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry and Master of Dentistry from La Trobe University.

Dr Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy studied dentistry in the beautiful alpine region of Otago, New Zealand. A highly skilled and versatile dentist, his fields of interest include general dentistry, oral surgery and endodontics.

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